The Beginning

On a hot summer day at a gorgeous sandy beach in Byblos, Lebanon, two girls were sitting in the sand when I noticed one of them was wearing a beautiful charm bracelet.

Right next to them were a group of men who, out of the blue, started cat-calling them. The girls got uncomfortable and had to leave.

I sat there for 2 minutes thinking about what just happened. And I wasn't sure if I was mad at the men for publicly cat-calling those girls, or at the girls for not standing up for themselves.

A strange calling  

As the girls walked down the shore and started swimming, I noticed that girl's bracelet once again, gracefully wrapping her wrist as the water splashed around it.

And for a moment, I felt a deep urge to talk to them. 

I immediately got up and started chatting to those girls, who turned out to be Sarah and Melissa. We instantly clicked, made fun of the men, got back to our spot, and buried our feet in the sand.

I was so curious about Melissa's bracelet, and I couldn't help but ask where she got it from. I learned that she made it herself, and it turned out that Sarah and Melissa owned a small hand-made jewelry store in Byblos. They were happy to show me around, and I obliged.

Eventually, the day ended, and I had to go back home. I didn't speak to Sarah and Melissa for another 5 months. But in those 5 months, I traveled to California.

Trip to California

Everytime I travel, I learn something new. But my trip to California was different, because I learned something that changed my life. Cali has one of the biggest women's rights movements in the world. Traveling from a Middle Eastern country, I was astounded by the difference.

When I came back to Lebanon, it was obvious to me that there needed to be change. I felt like I just saw the truth, and then returned to a lie. And I knew that if I didn't do something, nothing would change.

And as I was going through my souvenirs (stupid fridge magnets, stickers, bracelets,) it hit me.

The start of something new

Out of the blue, I felt like a lightbulb just appeared over my head. I rushed to my phone and called Melissa. After a quick greeting, I asked her if she still had that bracelet. She did. I got in my car and drove 2 hours to Byblos. As soon as I got there, I walked into her shop and told her what I just realized.

My plan was simple: Make beautiful jewelry, sell it, then use the money to support women's rights movements across Lebanon and the world. Melissa fell in love with the idea, and immediately started working on 100 pieces of jewelry that made the first of our collections. Dazzle Box was born.

Our journey

Ever since, we moved from selling locally to selling online. We moved from crafting jewelry from a small store to hand-curating a wide range of jewelry from all over the world.

Our mission is simple. We want to change the world with whatever power we have. We might not be the biggest store in the world, but that won't stop us from using everything we have to make a difference.

What we're facing 

The world has drastically moved forward in the last century. We've witnessed the end of slavery, the freedom of women, and the rise of LGBT communities.

Yet, around the world, and even in America, a lot of women are still misfairly treated.

Coming from the Middle East, it was very clear to me how important women's rights are. Without the freedom of women, society simply cannot move forward. 

At Dazzle Box, we've set out to make a difference. Our mission is to empower women throughout the world by letting them write a story through each piece.

We might be a simple jewelry store, but we deeply believe that if a simple jewelry store could make a difference, then any person in the world can.

Each one of us has way more power than we think.

We proudly support all the different colors of the world. We stand by the LGBTQ movement, and most importantly, we are a strong and vocal supporter of the environment. Being part of 1% For The Planet means we support a safe, healthy, and equal environment for everybody.

We might be crazy to think we can change the world, but as Steve Jobs said, it's those crazy people who actually do it.

And it starts with every single one of you. You can either buy from big, immoral brands that only think about money, or you can buy from brands that actually care.

Every dollar makes a difference. And if you choose to be our customer and part of our family, then we will be forever grateful.

Peace and love,
The Dazzle Box team